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Irene Ford

Meet the inspirational Irene Ford as she charges around town with her Rollz Motion. Making the most of everyday and getting in her flat whites, walks and gallery visits. As the highly experienced lover of life so succinctly put it: "Once you stop.... you stop" - so keep moving in style with Locomo.

Ardra Shephard

Ardra writes about her first meeting with "Optimus Prime" in 'Friends don't let friends buy ugly mobility aids'. Very funny blog post about Ardra's experience finding walkers to support her with MS. "I never thought I could get excited about a mobility aid. Obvi. I love shopping, but of all the packages I’ve welcomed into my life, this isn’t one I ever thought I’d sign for." Thanks Ardra for keeping it real

Josephine Rees aka Able Amsterdam

A citizen of the world, Josephine is British-Dutch and is currently living in Amsterdam. Since surviving a near fatal traffic accident which left her with a smashed leg (amongst other things), Josephine started to notice the good (and the bad) of all things accessible in Amsterdam. She writes a blog which shares "awesome accessible places in Amsterdam" and beyond and here she reviews her Rollz Motion which she uses to navigate her world.

Lisa Walters AKA Damsel in a Dress

Lisa shares her experience with "Scooty-Puff" her aptly named Rollz Motion. A funny, honest and descriptive review - definitely worth a read.

Kelly Barendt

We've been privileged to meet a few people dealing with FA (Friedreich's Ataxia) in New Zealand and Australia. Incredible, brave, strong, amazing and everyday humans. Like our customers, Kelly is open, honest and loving in sharing her experience with this mofo of a condition. This is Kelly's story of her Rollz Motion #cureFA

Ariane K

Read about Ariane K's experience with the Rollz Motion. An awesome young woman with a real gift for writing.

Mrs Stuiver

Meet the beautiful Mrs Stuiver. An artist and an athlete and another happy Rollz customer who won't be held back. See her get around her home town and hear her experience with how the Rollz has helped her keep moving with MS.


"The Rollz Flex has improved my life so much. I can catch the train and bus. It's lightweight and flexibility makes this possible.... I can only express my utmost gratitude and appreciation to the inventors of this lifesaving walker..."

- Waratah, New South Wales

"I like the Rollz Motion's versatility and looks.... I have Alpha1 deficiency - genetic emphysema. Can be used as a walker and when tired my partner can push me!"

- Wellington, New Zealand

"[D]espite Dad's reticence about needing a walking aid, he absolutely loves it. It's so easy to use, adjust, store, etc  and really makes it so much easier for him to get around.... He is certainly very pleased with it, and I believe it will help a lot with his fitness."

- Sunshine Coast, Queensland

"..The Rollz Motion was the swankiest walking aid on the ship by a mile. Its good looks make it a big success with Mum (and with everyone who sees it!).... Thanks again for all your help in ensuring an easy delivery."

- Sydney, New South Wales

"I'm loving my new Rollz Motion. We took it to a wedding last weekend and it makes such a difference having it with me. It was also an excellent accessory."

- Wellington, New Zealand

"The Rollz Motion has allowed me to get out and do so much more! It really is such a clever piece of equipment and is absolutely worth the price tag. I now have options when I leave the house and planning to go out is much more stress free."

- Melbourne, Victoria

"I am confident and proud to be out with my Rollz Flex. I would reluctantly use a standard walker."

- Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

"The Rollz Motion was the best thing I bought for my brother. Not being able to walk long distances I am able to transform it and get around with him much easier.... it folds well and is easy to put in my car."

- Whyalla, South Australia


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