Read about our fantastic walking frames, wheelchairs and walking poles and canes below.

The award winning Rollz Motion is one of a kind. Just like one of those Transformers you see in the movies, this machine will convert from a walker to a wheelchair with just a flick of the wrist. Perfect for those who want to walk but worry about how far they can go. With its large wheels for superior maneuverability and state of the art brakes, this is the ultimate in assisted walking.

The Rollz Flex is a world first for its unique design and function. Although it does not look like it, it is a fully certified rollator designed to provide extra support for those who need it. The Rollz Flex is perfect for those who need some support but feel they are not yet ready for a traditional walker. A great companion for any mission.

At just 4.8kg this carbon fibre walker is the lightest rollator in the world and uses space age technology and the best of Danish design. Extremely portable and stylish, this is one sleek piece of kit

Brand new in October 2021, the Overland is sure to please the adventurers and poets alike.

Researched backed Urban Poles are a unique walking tool used not only as a fitness activity, but also in many different rehabilitation settings by allied health professionals. The specially designed Activator poles provide greater stability for users and the Series 300 are great for fitness and speed. Areas in which therapists are currently using these poles include knee and hip replacements, spinal injuries and surgery, older adults, cancer care, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke rehabilitation.


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