Rollz Performance



The Rollz Performance is the ultimate in comfort and style. Like it's clever cousin, the Rollz Motion, the Rollz Performance: converts simply into a wheelchair in seconds; boasts a strong frame that allows you to stand and walk tall; and has large tyres for easy steering. It's versatility means that you can head out on your adventures and have the back-up of the wheelchair conversion if it is needed.

In addition to those features that it shares with the Rollz Motion, the Rollz Performance has:
- Air-filled tyres for all-terrain use
- Footrests that can be adjusted for the comfort of the wheelchair passenger
- Ergonomic handles
- Extra padding in the wheelchair seat and a wedged shaped cushion for comfortable seating
- Reflective stripes
- Extra padding in the arm rests
- The frame is an eye catching jungle green.

SKU: 10029 TAGS: Walking aid, Walker, Wheelchair, Walking frame that converts to wheelchair, Mobility aid, Transformable walker wheelchair, Rollator, Transit chair, lightweight wheelchair

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