These state-of-the-art walking poles offer a sleek solution to those wanting to maximise their health and fitness outcomes from their walking. Used for:

  • Rehabilitation from injury or surgery
  • Enhancing walking and improving gait for those with chronic health conditions
  • Assisting with balance
  • Strengthening legs, arms and core
  • Fitness and weight loss

Join the thousands world wide taking on the walking pole workout with the ACTIVATOR Poles or the SERIES 300 Fitness Poles



   The soft, ergonomic handles:

  • Are shaped for your left and right hand for maximum comfort
  • Allow the hand and wrist to be maintained in a neutral and wide grip position
  • Encourage weight bearing on the wide base (as opposed to other poles which requires a tight grip and the wrist to be in an extended position when pushing down on the poles which can cause injury).
  • Transfer energy directly to your arms, preventing joint injuries, engaging your core and adding an upper body workout to your walk.
  • Do not include a strap (straps have been shown to be unsafe and can cause injury in the event of a fall (K. Knobloch, 2006))
  • Offer an alternative grip position on top if preferred.


The high quality aluminium poles:

  • Have been carefully engineered to be quiet, durable, and vibration-free
  • Use telescopic adjustment to allow for optimal height depending on preference and terrain, with premium locking system designed for improved walking safety. 


The ACTIVATOR POLES feature a bell shaped tip for extra balance and support.

The SERIES 300 Poles feature a boot shaped tip to propel you forward.

The patented rubber tips on both the ACTIVATOR and SERIES 300 poles:

  • Absorb shock and reduce vibration in these poles in an urban environment. 
  • Create resistance and propel you forward faster to achieve a better overall workout. 

All poles contain a durable carbide metal tip (for use in beach + trail).


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